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Liberty High School speech class horses around

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Madi Johnstone demonstrates equestrian skills.Students from the Fundamentals of Speech class were visited by a special guest the morning of Nov. 1 in the form of a lady named Sassy.

Sassy is a horse.

Students Alana Lamerand and Sarah Nadeau engineered the visit--unique in the annals of Liberty Central School District history--as part of the Entertainment Speech unit.Alana and Sarah demonstrate how to feed a horse

In the frosty early morning air, Alana and Sarah indoctrinated their peers in the rules of horse etiquette, then encouraged them to brush, feed, and take selfies with Sassy. A brave few even attempted to "pick" Sassy's feet--what non-wranglers might refer to as "cleaning them thar hooves."

Sassy seemed to enjoy the attention, and students Madi Johnstone and Evelyn Barragan demonstrated definite equestrian potential.

Fundamentals of Speech is offered through the high school’s connection with SUNY Sullivan. Qualifying students may transfer credits earned here to cooperating state schools. Fundamentals of Speech is taught by Liberty High School vet Bill Fleck.
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