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Tax rates set for 2015-16

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At its Aug. 25 meeting, the Liberty Board of Education adopted the district’s tax rate calculation for the 2015-16 school year that carries an average tax rate decrease of 5.44 percent.

The lower tax rate reflects the Board of Education’s efforts to keep its school tax levy as low as possible while continuing to deliver a quality education program.

The board decided to use part of the district’s fund balance as revenue in order to lower the tax levy, which is the total amount of dollars raised by all school taxes. Because of this, the 2015-16 tax levy will increase 0 percent.

Tax rates may vary from year-to-year due to changes in equalization rates, which are determined by the New York State Office of Real Property Services, and property assessments, which are determined at the town level.

Tax rates may differ among the towns within a school district because each property is individually assessed in relation to its full market value. Every summer, the state assigns an equalization rate for each town that creates an assessment value equal to its full market value. This process is intended to ensure that each town pays its fair share of school taxes based on the town’s market value.

These calculations anticipate that residents of Bethel, Liberty, Neversink, Rockland and Thompson will see a decrease in their tax bills during the 2015-16 school year, while residents of Fallsburg will see an increase of $1.63 or 3.54 percent in their tax bills.

Although the school district’s 2015-16 budget remains under the state-mandated cap and carries a tax levy decrease, property owners’ tax rates may increase or decrease because of changes in their assessment or the town’s equalization rate.

Tax rates for the six towns that comprise the school district are as follows:


2015-16 Assessed Value

2014-15 Assessed Value


$40.49 per $1,000



$46.67 per $1,000



$35.56 per $1,000



$777.92 per $1,000



$39.81 per $1,000



$33.59 per $1,000


The school district has no control over property assessments or equalization rates; it only controls the tax levy. Questions about assessments and equalization rates should be directed to the appropriate town assessor’s office.

Tax bills will be mailed to residents during the first week in Sept. and are due by Sept. 30 without penalty. If you don’t receive your bill by Sept. 15, please contact the tax collector, Jeanne Dutcher at (845) 439-3557.

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