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LPA Presents Mystery at Shady Acres

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The audience’s help is needed to solve the baffling theft at Shady Acres, a cozy hotel tucked away in the remote English countryside in the late 1920s. The hotel staff is frantically preparing for the arrival of their most prestigious guests ever — the wealthy and famous Fairfaxes from America. Everything seems to be going awry as the hotel is turned topsy-turvy with zany activity. Finally, hotel manager Mr. Clifford manages to usher the English Tea Garden tour group out of the lobby early and to straighten out the confusion between the Fairfaxes and the Brighthams, another pair of wealthy guests. Just when he thinks everything is going smoothly, Mrs. Fairfax’s valuable diamond necklace is stolen! Who could it be? And who is the mysterious man lurking about who signed the hotel register as Mr. X? The police discover that practically everyone at the hotel has a motive. Having a flamboyant but ineffective detective and his assistant arrive on the scene competing to solve the case first only makes matters worse. Good thing your audience is there to help point out the clues and analyze characters’ motivations. This light-hearted 'whodunit' has enough twists and turns to make Agatha Christie smile! (Synopsis taken from: Pioneer

Cast of Characters

Hotel Staff and Guests
Edward Fairfax  --  Wealthy, middle-aged American – Heath Elliot
Blanche Fairfax – Edward’s beautiful but snobbish wife – Shivani Patel
Audrey Rochester – attractive Southern belle secretary – Megan Ross
Stanley Larson – Charming but penniless British chap – Kevin Maher
Samantha Brightham – elderly hotel guest – Madison McKiernan
Ingrid Brightham – Smanatha’s sister – Angelina Fontana
Madam X – mysterious woman in black – Kim Zuniga
Mr. Henry Clifford – Hotel owner and manager – Michael Fritz
Mrs. Gertrude Clifford –Henry’s cantankerous wife – Mary Deis
Basil –desk clerk of indeterminate foreign origin – Arthur Torrens
Hemlich – German chef – Andrew Montiero
Greta Whyte -- maid – Lana Torrens
Beth Morgan – another maid - Christina Deis
Lavinia Crawford –still another maid – Margaret Deis
English Tea Garden Tour Group 
Cathy – enthusiastic tour guide - Kiri Milling
Frederica Frumpet – grumpy, elderly woman - Peyton Green
Lois Banks – middle class mother - Rebecca Mielnicki
Miranda Banks – Lois’s daughter; a misbehaved child - Alison DeFrank
Myrna Werther—Miranda’s long-suffering nanny - Erica Clark
Chief Dover Wickfield – Chief of Police – Rose Fonatana
Lt. Theodore Dorrit – police officer –  Ashley Holloway
Sgt. Farley O’Doyle – Seth DeRoschers
Private Detectives 
Detective Phillip Thornton – private eye - Tristyn Fredenburg
Emma Reid –his very capable assistant - Elizabeth Grese
Officer Elaine Black – Carly Lamerand
Cameo Appearance 
LHS Tour Guide – Mrs. Maureen Crescitelli

Behind the Scenes

Production Managers
Elizabeth Grese
Bryanna Keyes

Set, Lighting and Cues
Ms. Kathie Lambert's Theatre Production Class

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