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Kindergarten students have “Egg”stra healthy teeth!

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Students in Ms. Kristen Vasta and Ashley Bury’s kindergarten classes are learning about dental health and the importance of taking care of their teeth. To culminate the lesson and celebrate the hundredth day of school, both classes conducted an experiment.

In this experiment, students used hard-boiled eggs as a model to determine how badly sugary drinks like soda stain teeth. Even though eggs are not an exact representation of teeth, the similarities in coatings of an egg and a tooth make staining between them comparable, said Ms. Vasta.

Each student soaked their eggs in soda overnight. When they removed them from the soda, they were surprised to see each egg turned brown. Then, each student used a toothbrush and toothpaste to brush their egg as if it were their teeth.

“After brushing, all of the eggs turned white again,” Ms. Vasta said. “The students were so amazed at how clean their eggs got at the end of the lesson, and we talked about why it’s so important to brush your teeth, especially after eating and drinking sugary things.”

Students learned that tooth enamel, much like an egg shell, is not renewable, so keeping your teeth clean is vital. Drinking liquids with high acid and sugar contents, such as colas or fruit juices, should be done in moderation because staining and decay can occur.

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